Families in Greenwich will be able to take a step back in time thanks to a new 'immersive' attraction that will bring dinosaurs to life at the peninsula.

The experience will submerge explorers among the dinosaurs and guide them through prehistoric life.

Dinasours in the Wild was launched in Birmingham earlier this year and it has now been announced that the time machine will be making its way to the Greenwich Peninsula next February.

Creative Director of Dinosaurs in the Wild, Tim Haines, was the producer of the BBC TV series Walking with Dinosaurs.

Tim said: “After the huge crowds for Dinosaurs in the Wild in Birmingham, and the anticipation we’re already seeing for our move to Manchester in October, we’re thrilled to announce that Londoners will now be able to time-travel too.

“It’s a completely new kind of immersive experience, in which we use the latest technology to make it feel like you really are there in that world, with the dinosaurs all around you.”

Dinosaurs in the Wild uses high-tech audiovisual effects, animatronics and live-action theatre to allow visitors to experience the prehistoric world.

The adventure lasts for 70 minutes and will open its doors on Monday February 12.

Tickets can be pre booked here.