WHAT’S the worst gift you have ever given or received?

We have all had some rotters over the years, but now gifts site elliottrose.co.uk has conducted a survey to identify the top ten worst Christmas gifts.

The poll revealed unattractive socks as coming top of the worst gift list receiving just under a third of votes.

Cheap perfume came a close second taking almost a quarter (23 per cent) of votes for the most disappointing Christmas present received.

The survey also revealed that Brits tend to like a tipple too much on Christmas Eve, two per cent of those surveyed stated waking up with a hangover on Christmas Day is the worst present of all.

The top ten worst Christmas gifts unveiled:

1. Unattractive socks (29%)
2. Cheap perfume (23%)
3. Personalised handkerchiefs (9%)
4. Executive stress toys (8%)
5. Household gadgets (8%)
6. Fitness equipment (6%)
7. Gift cards (6%)
8. Adopt an animal (5%)
9. House plants (4%)
10. A Hangover (2%)

Five hundred participants who took part in the survey shared their stories of the worst presents they have ever received.

Londoner Lucy said: “My husband and I had moved into a new house just before last Christmas, he thought that I would appreciate the B&Q vouchers to spend on the renovating of our house.”

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