CANADIAN comedy trio The Lumberjacks first teamed up for the Edinburgh festival 17 years ago, and have each since achieved solo success.

For the first time, this autumn Stewart Francis, Glenn Wool and Craig Cambell are touring Britain together, with shows at The Orchard in Dartford on Monday, September 30, and The Bloomsbury Theatre on October 9 and 10.

Speaking to Vibe, Stewart Francis was confident about what the audience could expect.

“Hilarity and nothing but. Demand a refund if it is not the best show you have seen,” he deadpanned.

“It is three different styles of comedy so if you don’t like one of us then it is you, not us.”

Born to a Scottish mum and Mancunian father, Stewart grew up in Canada but has lived in London for the past seven years.

He said he loves living in the city: “You turn a corner and there’s a new adventure. It is so steeped in history and is such a beautiful city. I am loving the experience.”

Growing up he wanted to be a cartoonist and fell into comedy, perfecting his own idiosyncratic deadpan one-liner style that has proved immensely popular.

He said: “Back in the eighties I sent out six packages of my cartoons to American syndicates because I wanted to have syndicated cartoons in the papers.

“I received six rejection letters and not being able to deal with that immediate rejection, I thought stand up comedy  would be a good idea. Here we are 24 years later.”

His style has evolved naturally, he said.

“There’s no thought process behind it, other than that’s my favourite type of comedy.

“There’s more bang for your buck and a whole bunch of jokes. Storytellers can make three minutes with a possible pay-off but maybe no pay off. That just doesn’t appeal to me.”

“You have to write more gags but it is kind of how my brain works, much like someone flipping through the channels .

“I like to get as many laughs on stage and get off stage before feelings are hurt.”

“Just quick flashes, it is very cartoon-like which is appropriate because originally I was a cartoonist. Stand up comedy is definitely plan B.”

Stewart’s latest project, aside from the Lumberjacks, is a book – titled Pun Direction – which is due out on October 10 and features lots of his gags and 30 never-seen-before cartoons of his.

He said: “It has come full circle. All I ever wanted to do was to be an anonymous cartoonist.

That’s all I wanted to do, just sit in my den drinking tea and drawing cartoons. That to me would be a happy life.”

The Lumberjacks are at The Orchard on September 30 and The Bloomsbury Theatre on October 9 and 10. Go to or