DARTFORD comic Aaron Morris, 22, began stand up in 2010 as a bet and it has stuck.

The second series of his podcast, The Aaron Morris Podcast, was nominated for the European Podcast Award 2012, and he recently took part in his first panel show MishMash which will be on Freeview this month.

How did you get into comedy?

“A friend bet me to try stand up and it has kind of stuck ever since, I got a buzz and I'm addicted. It's brought me into the world of TV and acting.” 

Describe your style

“My style is story based, I tell half true stories of relationships I’ve had and other various
things. All comedians exaggerate, just to make it that little funnier.”

Who are your influences?

“I'm a big Ricky Gervais fan, but I wouldn't say he influenced my comedy - Russell Kane and the younger comedians I guess can be seen in my style.”

What's your best gig?

“I like big gigs, crowded rooms, but I did a gig in a small club in Kentish Town, such a friendly audience and the jokes went down really well.”

Tell us a joke

“I'm not really a one liner comedian, but here you go: When the Queen gives someone a knighthood, she has an actual DubStep"

See more of Aaron at morriscomedy.co.uk.