Well, I had a bit of an unplanned review this week, and popped back into an old favourite of mine – the Gipsy Moth in Greenwich.

After a blustery stroll around the park, my stomach was rumbling and my tastebuds were crying out for a sip of hoppy goodness.

And you know what they say: When in Greenwich, do what the tourists do – so I went to the Gipsy.

There are also a lot of Londoners packed into this boozer (a lot of people in general, really) but its location right next to the Cutty Sark makes it a prime pit stop for exhausted tourists just gasping for a pint.

As always, the place was busy, and it seemed a little short-staffed.

Which is perhaps what prompted the bartender to ask customers to form an orderly queue at the bar.

A silence fell upon those waiting for a pint.

It was baffling. It was bizarre. Customers looked curiously at each other for answers while remaining in their positions because this is England and, although we politely queue for many things in our lives, beer is not one of them.

I stubbornly held my position and was seen to eventually. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer than usual for a pint, as it gives me a chance to peruse the collection.

The Gipsy has all the crowd-pleasers – Guinness, Peroni and locally brewed Meantime lager and ale.

One beer that caught my attention was a Blue Point toasted lager. Very strange but intriguing. I didn’t try it this time but will be going back to satisfy my curiosity at some point.

In the end I played it safe with a Camden Hells. Refreshing and bubbly, it did not disappoint. Price was as expected in a prime tourist spot – you would be hard-pressed to find a pint for less than a fiver somewhere like that.

I took a seat (which I was lucky to find) outside and ordered a burger to keep myself warm. It arrived within 15 minutes, despite how busy the kitchen must have been, and tasted delicious.

The atmosphere in the Gipsy is often the same – busy but with a buzz. As long as I can have a space to sit by myself, I’m happy.

All in all, my return trip to the Gipsy was enjoyable. But it was clear the huge demand on a weekend was having an effect on the staff, who ended up making downright silly requests.

The Gipsy Moth, 60 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BL

How it rated:

Atmosphere: **** A nice place to spend an afternoon, for its location alone if nothing else

Décor: **** Dark blue interior and a grand wooden bar – proper boozer

Staff: ** Although I appreciate it was busy, I hope I am never asked to form an orderly queue at a bar ever again. I hope the same for anyone else reading this.

Drink: ***** No complaints at all from me

Food: **** Burger with all the trimmings – delightful

Price: *** But what do you expect when you visit a pub next door to a famous London landmark?

Overall: ****