We are told time and again not to judge a book by its cover, however that is exactly what I did when choosing the Admiral Hardy in Greenwich to be this week’s pub of choice.

From the outside, I saw what I thought would be a cosy and quiet pub in College Approach, steeped in history and tradition.

I was, I admit, eager to get inside and settle down with a nice pint. I was, predictably by this point, mistaken.

For, you see, the Admiral Hardy is not the traditional British public house it appears to be to the wandering patron, it is in fact a ‘trendy’ bar.

Swap English ale for Bud Light, swap a cosy fire for a neon ‘Open Till’ 2AM’ sign, and swap a comforting pie and mash pub classic for a ‘New York Slice’.

The pub is small and littered with musical paraphernalia. Dotted all over the walls are pictures of musical icons, from Jarvis Cocker to Mick Jagger. The pub is unashamedly student friendly.

As a rule of thumb I would wager that if you don’t know what UCAS is, you might feel out of place.

As I have mentioned – and not that I am hung up on this – I had a Bud Light to drink, and tried to embrace my surroundings. The chairs were all taken, and the bar was packed with leaning customers, so I wandered aimlessly. I hope nobody thought I was dancing.

The pint was cheap, but as a student bar you would expect so. There were a lot of bottled beers, but it was so busy I didn’t really have time to browse.

One thing I would point out is how attentive the staff were. It was packed, and they were working pretty bloody hard to keep everyone happy - 99 per cent appeared to be, me being probably the only exception.

I think had I known going in that I would be spending the next hour or so listening to Blur and being blinded by neon I could have prepared myself. As it were, I was surprised by discovery of the Admiral Hardy and I don’t think I could get over my disappointment at not being settled down with a nice ale.

Admiral Hardy, College Approach, Greenwich

Staff: **** [Hard working]

Atmosphere: ** [Not my cup of tea, but can’t argue with the masses.]

Drinks: * [Bud light]

Price: **** [Student friendly]

Overall: ***