I'm sure you'll agree there are a striking number of similarities between post offices and pubs.

Inexplicably long queues, inevitably grumpy staff and and the certainty of one confusingly asking 'how much!?'

Eltham GPO, an Antic Pub, combines these two establishments, a boozer built in the remnants of a Royal Mail sorting office.

Delightfully conservative from the outside, the GPO has leaves draping down over its windows, with a small sign above its door. It looks out of place, in a good way.

Open brickwork is paired with antique typewriters hanging from the wall, all tastefully done. I was impressed from the start.

Chalkboards tell you the specials, and a quick look around tells you this pub has kept its antique charm intact. Wood flooring and armchairs are a nice touch.

It's surprising how tiny the bar is, however, and queues grew quickly as the evening went on.

Queues didn't surprise me, at least it wasn't made up of people fumbling for their 'sorry we missed you' cards. It was full of people happy to be there, and I was one of them.

The GPO did sell some standard pints, but what stood out were the crafts and the choice of pretty unusual pints.

One set of taps had Sagres, Four Hour Session, George Arthur and Mosaic Pale Ale. Ever heard of those? No, me neither.

Three pints came to more than a pack of stamps, I'll say that much about the price.

The clientele seemed happy enough though, they all had beards and cardigans and a taste for what I assume is the unusual.

A band set up in the corner and they were, like the pub, very tasteful - and entertaining. I think I knew at least three of the songs.

The staff were rushed off their feet as the pub was busier than a delivery office the week before Christmas. Nothing much to say about them, other than that they existed and gave me pints. Job well done.

A big pub with a small bar, and a lot of character. Well worth the trip. First class.

Eltham GPO. 4 Passey Pl, Eltham, London SE9 5DQ

Staff: ***

Atmosphere: ****

Decor: *****

Price: **

Overall: ****