Show me a prettier pub than the Kings Head and I'll show you a liar.

This is simply a glorious boozer, putting it mildly. Old Bexley is notorious for having an abundance of pubs, but none strike quite the same chord with me as the Kings Head.

It's lovely and inviting from the outside, and the inside lives up to any expectation you could possibly have. It's brown wooden beams hold up the 14th century building, and open brickwork and a fire top off the traditional decor.

I ventured in on a Saturday and the place was packed, possibly too packed. People filled every chair, every stool and every inch of carpet. Getting to the toilet from the opposite side of the pub was like Total Wipeout, clambering past punters who filled every available space.

The low ceilings and narrow gaps between the bar and tables create an intimate atmosphere, which was not lost by hosting what I'm guessing was half of Bexley at once.

The drink choices were superb, not to everyone's taste but it shows courage for a pub to have Scrumpy Jack on tap. Bravo for giving that a go.

I had a pint of 1664 in hand and what felt like a genuine smile on my face as a table became free just large enough for me and my companion.

The staff were understandably brief with their transactions as there were dozens of others waiting at any given moment. I don't hold a grudge for that.

Crowded tables filled with excited pug goers, traditional decor that's not worn or cheap, and an atmosphere that a landlord would dream for.

I reckon you could head decades back in time and nothing will change. The copper pans would still hang, the ales would still flow and the pub would still be packed.

Rightly so.

The Kings Head, 65 Bexley High St, Bexley DA5 1AA.

How it rated:

Decor: ***** not a question

Staff: **** Rushed, but fairly so

Price: *** Fair, from what I remember.

Drink: **** Scrumpy

Atmosphere: ***** One of the best

Overall: *****