No words that I can muster will do this pub justice - it will continue to baffle me to my dying days.

The Wrong Un in Broadway, Bexleyheath. What a boozer.

It's dark, it's dingy, it borders on depressing. The big three Ds.

Before I go any further, I would imagine based on my experience there are a loyal bunch of regulars who keep this pub ticking over, and I'm certain it gets more than enough trade from punters heading out into the town at the weekend considering it a stone's throw from a couple of nightclubs - but I can't say I'm inclined to ever return.

In fact once I've written this I hope to repress the memory.

One long bar stretches down the left hand side with staff that could muster a smile, but apparently not willingly. Booths fill the right hand side, with books as old as time itself lining shelves on the wall. I would be willing to bet they've never been read.

I think one of my issues, which maybe I'm overreacting about, is the fact there are no windows. The lack of any natural light, paired with the charmless decor, made me feel as though I was wandering into some kind of public house abyss. I'm sure this pub got bigger the further I walked, no end point in sight. You can wander the Wrong 'Un for days on end looking for a table to drink your San Miguel. Lord knows, I did.

The food I'm sure is fine, and the selection of booze is as good as any other Wetherspoons, which is pretty good. There were a pleasing amount of guest crafts, so there's that at least.

Bouncers line the doors but there is no air of exclusivity. If anything, I was jealous of the passersby outside and was scared I was going to be told my name wasn't on the list, so I wouldn't be able to leave.

I feel as though this pub does the exactly what it is there to do, serve a crowd waiting to go somewhere else. No one stays if they can help it, no matter how difficult they make it to find a door in the darkness.

Cheap, not cheerful, the Wrong 'Un does little right. Other than the price.

The Wrong Un, Broadway, Bexleyheath.

How it rated:

Price: ***

Atmosphere: *

Decor: *

Staff: **

Overall: *