I have always thought that pubs close to train stations are risky.

With a constant parade of rail travellers stopping in for a quick drink, it runs the risk of losing the charm that an established boozer with a group of locals boasts.

The Hufflers Arms is a stone's throw from Dartford station, and from the outside, you could be forgiven for being hesitant to enter.

The Hufflers sits directly opposite a huge housing development. Thousands of new modern homes overlook this small, humble, boozer in Hythe Street. Modern meets old and worn, albeit established. I could say something about irony, but instead I'll talk about the pub.

Moving inside, I can't say I was overwhelmed by an aesthetically pleasing boozer. Far from it.

There was nothing in the way of personality. Not even a patterned carpet for something to look at, just wood.

A small bar welcomes you and wooden beams holding it up, and a small crowd of locals chat away and call the barmaid by name. The furniture, much like the pub, appears to have been there an eternity.

Only one barmaid was working, and she hardly seemed needed. The crowd was so small and appeared so comfortable I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled their own pints. Having said that, she was friendly enough.

I sat on a corner table near the pool table, with a generously cheap pint of fosters. Not much else was on offer than lagers, hardly surprising for a pub that doesn't seem to attempt to be anything else other than ordinary.

Upon finishing my pint the barmaid offered me the same again as she came to collect the glass. A friendly service that really doesn't go unnoticed.

Having said that, the regulars seemed happy enough. There was a pool table, a jukebox and crisps. One could ask if a pub really needs much else to survive.

The amount of development in Dartford promises to bring gastropubs and microbreweries with it - nothing wrong with that in the slightest. The Hufflers appears to have dealt with competition in the past, and outlived its competitors.

Nothing fancy, no thrills, nothing at all other than a pub that offers a place to go for familiarity. Let's hope those who move into the new builds like lager.

Oh, and there is karaoke available. 

The Hufflers Arms, Hythe Street, Dartford 

Decor: **

Could argue it was minimalist, others would say nearly non-existent, I'll say two stars. 

Drink: **

Lots of lagers that are all a bit samey. Could do with more choice.

Price: ****

Very fairly priced. 

Atmosphere: ***

Doesn't seem like much of anything to a passerby, but the regulars seemed content - so something must be right. 

Overall: ***