This isn't my first review of the Beehive, and to be honest I imagine it won’t be the last as I would happily go back again.

The New Eltham pub is one of the most impressive looking boozers I have seen. It is a magnificent building that dates back to 1897, apparently,

Sitting right by the railway station, I was hardly surprised the Beehive was suitably buzzing.

The pub is an imposing presence in Footscray Road, and it is hard to turn your nose up at it.

Inside, it boasts impressive high ceilings and a long bar – however, the pristine white walls and lack of decoration are not to everyone’s taste. I am not sure it is taste at all actually, verging on a doctor’s waiting room.

Price-wise, the pub offers a number of deals that from memory included a pitcher of Pimms for £14.50 – forgive me, it was Wimbledon season.

There was a DJ man setting up in the corner and although he had not started playing one could assume the Beehive would be a very lively affair the longer the evening went on.

The staff seemed to be on very friendly terms with the large amount of regulars that were in the pub, which was pleasant to see. I had to settle for a polite smile.

A spacious pub that still creates an atmosphere for regulars says a lot about this boozer, and if you are drawn in by the attractiveness of the outside – and you can put up with the lack of décor inside – you might well find yourself becoming one of those regulars.

The Beehive, Footscray Road, New Eltham

How it rated:

Atmosphere**** There was a buzz

Décor*** Impressive from the outside, questionable on the inside.

Staff*** Friendly to the regulars

Drink*** Didn't seem like there was much variety

Price**** Offered a lot of deals which is always welcome

Overall ****