Walking into the Coach House in Bexleyheath is something of a scientific anomaly, it almost defies all expectation and leaves one speechless.

I am almost certain the Coach House is in fact a time vortex that transports you back to 1971.

The Rolling Stones were on Top of the Pops. David Bowie headlined Glastonbury and a pint would cost you the equivalent of 20p.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the interior of the Coach House in Watling Street.

With tables and chairs that look as though they are older then time itself and a carpet of a questionable 70s-esque pattern it is safe to assume that this pub has stuck to what it knows: the past.

Greeted by a friendly bar lady I ordered a Fosters. It wasn’t 20p but it was pretty close coming in at just over £3.

There is a carvery area – empty for this was a weekday – that I would hazard a guess has held more hot dinners than I could eat.

The atmosphere is what some would describe as quaint, others as verging on non-existent. This place needs Gene Hunt to storm in to liven it up a bit.

That, or a new carpet.

The Coach House was not busy when I attended, and sat at a booth-like table while a quiz took place with just four teams.

The teams made up over half of the pub's patrons on this evening, but that collection of brain power and competitive spirit did not spark much interest.

I think this pub is marvellous simply for its consistency. Any regulars here clearly appreciate what they are familiar with, and that is something to be commended.

This is a scientific anomaly as I mentioned, a time vortex where not only are you transported back in time – it inevitably stands still while you are in there.

Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I am not so sure - but I'll leave that for you to decide. 

Coach House, Watling Street Bexleyheath DA6 7QG

How it rated:

Staff: ****

Drink ***

Price ****

Atmosphere **

Décor **