Crayford is a town with a fair number of pubs, and if you wander to the top of Old Road you will stumble across a pub that looks fairly out of place.

The One Bell sits at the top of the hill, looking as though it has been picked up and dropped from a village lost in history. It caught my eye for the right reasons.

Far too often I find myself in pubs that are over the top with its décor, and I was pleasantly surprised to enter the One Bell and not feel as though my soul was about to be chipped away by a branded pub selling cheap watered down booze to the sounds of Ed Sheeran.

Nothing against the fella, but this wasn’t a bad feeling.

The One Bell’s staff were smiley and greeted me as an old friend, and I returned their politeness as I ordered my pint of Kronenbourg – and friends we were when they only asked for £3.50 for the pint – not bad for a Kronie nowadays and there was plenty of other choice at hand.

I settled down in the corner to try and take in the atmosphere of this little watering hole.

Dotted with football memorabilia by the grace of a certain Jimmy Bullard, whose family run the pub I believe, The One Bell is not hard to look at.

Busy as a Friday night should be, it was filled with people who enjoying themselves and taking in the last of the evenings sun on the tables just outside the front door.

The low ceilings and open doorways make the boozer almost like a grandmother’s cottage, but you will have a much more interesting night in The One Bell than there.

I would honestly say this is one of the best pubs I have been too. Warm, friendly and charming.

Pretty cheap for a kronie too.

The One Bell, Old Road, Crayford

How it rated:

Staff: ****

Drink ****

Price ****

Atmosphere ****

Décor ****