Well, Long-time no drink. The last nine months have been something of a blur, to say the least. One night in the George will do that to you apparently. Anyway, I am back and raring to go.

Over the weekend, I decided the time was right for a swift half and a bite to eat. Strolling down Long Lane in Bexleyheath, you will find a rather grand building set aside from the main parade of shops.

Looking pleasant enough from the outside, this pub boasts an impressive food menu with the hallmark of a Flaming Grill. So I wandered in.

It was not as busy as you might expect for a Sunday afternoon. Whether this should have been a warning or not remained to be seen.

The décor was inoffensive for someone stopping in, but the pub did not seem to have any charm to it. Perhaps this is hard to gain for such a large building, but it felt distinctly like a chain, with no attempt at being unique.

Stepping up to the bar, I ordered a pint and a coke. It was £8.44 for two pints. I could be tempted to grumble, but that is probably the going rate for a craft, and there was plenty of choice to be fair. The staff were very attentive, and friendly enough. There are adverts for the food menu dotted all around this pub, in fact I would say this is the closest it has come to decorating.

As I perused the menu, I decided to play it safe and order a burger. The menu was very extensive and boasts a lot of choice however. The pricing was very reasonable, nothing to complain about there.

I was warned when ordering that the food would be a wait. I waited.

I waited.

Almost an hour later, my burger comes out alongside the rest of my company’s food. I am nearly certain I was missing half a portion of chips as well.

The staff were very apologetic about the wait, and were quickly becoming the selling point for an otherwise plain and dull chain.

The food was nice, not spectacular. I can’t help but thing some of the more extravagant items on the menu would have better reflected the kitchen.

Looking at some of the other plates being brought out by the ever-busy staff, I must admit certain dishes looked very nice indeed. There are a host of eating challenges offered on the menu, so perhaps the kitchen is where the charm lies for this big boozer.

A few pints later, and I am ready to leave. Smiles from the staff are a parting gift, there wasn’t much in the way of a crowd to fight my way through to leave.

The Yacht is distinctly ok. The staff are very, very friendly and the food is absolutely fine. I wouldn’t go here again in a hurry, but for a family pub, I wouldn’t be offended if asked.

The Yacht, 167 Long Ln, Bexleyheath DA7 5AE.

Overall rating: ***

Décor **

Atmosphere *

Staff ****

Food ***

Drink ****

Price ****