What is this place – a coffee shop, a bar, a pub, a restaurant? I had absolutely no idea going in and not much more coming out.

The answer, I think, is it is a little bit of all of them. Not that the label we stick on Pato Lounge is all that important. The fact it’s a very pleasant European-inspired place to while away the hours is much more significant.

Its white tiles and manicured hedge from the street give way to a colourful and busy interior with a wall of slightly bizarre portraits, retro lampshades and a variety of seating including some comfy sofas.

There’s a bar over to the left with six tipples on tall taps, including from Bath Ales’ Dark Side (£3.90) to Estrella Damm (£4.40) and Stowford Press Cider (£3.80).

It’s also the kind of place that possibly sells more coffee than booze, especially during the day, with about as many types of caffeinated treat on its bar menu as beers.

Yet it is easier to imagine Pato Lounge more in competition with the Wetherspoons down the road than Costa or Starbucks.

It’s certainly trendier than the ‘Spoons with its off-beat décor and a jazzy version of Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop the Music on the sound system as we went in. The menu (of which more later) also features a quinoa burger, which probably says enough.

Pato Lounge is pretty kid friendly too with crayons and colouring in sheets and board games, which are probably a draw for a good number of grown ups too.

Where this place really scores is its food. A quality burger is one thing but there was no chance PubSpy was missing out on tapas (three dishes for £9.95) – it’s not something you tend to get down the Dog and Duck.

The dishes were simple but perfectly formed and served in sweet dishes on a platter. And the cake. Oh, the cake. Simply heaven.

So is it a pub, then? I’d say we can loosely call it a pub, but frankly who cares? It’s not the sort of establishment I’m used to but it is a breath of fresh air.

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Pato Lounge, High Street, Orpington

How it rated:

Atmosphere **** Friendly, relaxed

Décor ***** Bright and colourful

Food ***** Splendid

Drink ** Needs more beer

Staff **** Lovely

Price *** Middling