That feeling when you watch a film or TV show and you can’t quite work out when it’s set, that’s what you get in the Banker’s Draft.

It’s like a game of spot the difference to determine what era you’re in once you have walked off the High Street and in through the doors.

The wood panelling, tired carpet and flashes of royal blue paintwork and remaining decor are no help, either.

While ‘trendier’ gastropubs attract a young, vibrant crowd of men and women, the Banker’s Draft was patronised almost exclusively by ageing blokes when I visited.

For the most part they seemed like proper geezers chatting away about daybreaks to east Kent, reading newspapers (in the 21st century?) and one wheeler dealer even appeared to be flogging cigarettes, not that I can fathom why and I’m sure the pub’s staff were unaware.

All things you don’t tend to come across in a number of boozers these days. Is that a good or a bad thing, you be the judge.

But I can say it is popular. Virtually every one of the pub’s dozen or so tables was occupied during the weekday lunchtime I popped in.

The Banker’s Draft is the kind of place you expect to see through a fog of smoke, though of course thankfully in this day and age you don’t.

The prices were reassuringly low too, though in this instance it was because this is a Wetherspoon’s pub and not because we were in a time lock.

Being a Spoons it also had a decent range of beers, including Phoenix’s Wobbly Bob.

Elsewhere it didn’t feel much like one of the chain’s pubs, not least with its relatively underwhelming food offering.

The Banker’s Draft, Eltham

How it rated:

Atmosphere *** Good if you’re an older gent

Décor ** Drab

Drink **** Nice selection

Staff *** Decent enough

Price **** Good old Wetherspoons

Food ** I’ve had worse

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