IT had been a tough week and my broken and weary bones were in need of a sure-fire hit.

Often had I driven past the sign at the side of Danson Park and thought the Danson Stables deserved a look-in, so that is where I pinned my hopes.

The build-up was certainly promising; a long, winding lane through the glorious parkland.

After a couple of minutes of driving though, it did feel like we had taken the wrong path. There is no doubt that Danson Stables would be a dire choice on a pub crawl.

It is a striking pub, with an impressive approach as you park up. Its brickwork is vaguely pyramid-like and stately while the tables outside give it a swanky look.

Inside it continues, with cool lighting, open spaces and exposed bricks. It looks as though an interior designer has been well paid - though its boards, menus and Christmas party leaflets make it seem a bit chainy and depthless.

Please don’t spit out your cornflakes when I say I ordered a hot chocolate.

Let’s not go into the reasons why PubSpy was unable to drink, but suffice to say the tarmac was as unforgiving as the painkillers were strong.

But every cloud has a silver lining because this is the kind of pub where you don’t feel a plum for ordering a hot chocolate.

The bright young barmaid even gave me additional marshmallows.

There should not be any misunderstanding here, I am not suggesting Danson Stables is your usual local boozer.

It would be useless at that – it is too far from the rest of society and you would not necessarily feel at ease slouched in a corner nursing a pint.

It is a lovely destination pub, with a good-looking menu too.

Danson Stables, Danson Park, Bexleyheath DA6 8HL

How it rated:

Decor: **** Impressive, but brought down by some chainy elements
Drink: **** They’ve got them all
Price: *** Doombar £3.10 but Peroni £4.30
Atmosphere: ** restauranty
Staff: **** Lots of them. Very pleasant