For its 2017 tour, Zippo’s Circus presents a brand new production called Jigit celebrating our show’s sensational new equestrian and fearless acrobatic marvels.

Zippo’s Circus will welcome the thundering hooves of acrobatic Cossack riding into a UK circus ring for the first time in 30 years with the appearance of the Khadikov Jigit Riders from Kazakhstan.

Their astonishing and fearless jigitovka trick-riding beautifully showcases the extraordinary relationship between man and horse and is a must see for all circus and equestrian fans.

Also new for 2017, and for the first time in the UK, Zippo’s Circus welcomes The Hot Dogs – a lovable quartet of tail-wagging superstars who run rings around their owners in a past-paced canine comedy act.

Back by popular demand are Zippo’s 21st Century Jigits - on motorbikes not horses - the legendary Lucius Troupe, Brazilian daredevils in the Globe of Death.

With their astonishing, break-neck speed loop-the-loop motorbike performance they are keeping the spirit of Jigitovka alive and well.

Plus hilarity from Alex the Fireman and new laugh-out-loud comic Emilion, juggler extraordinaire the record-breaking Nicolas Souren, the amazing Miss Kimberley on the swinging trapeze, real knife throwing and other marvellous and amazing acrobats and artists – all presented by the one and only Norman Barrett MBE, the world’s greatest Ringmaster with his mischievous Budgerigar pals.

Zippo's Circus, Blackheath Common, Shooters Hill Road, SE3 OUA, April 5 to 18. Various times and prices. For full details visit