Today is World Sandwich Day and so we have put together a list of where to buy the best sandwiches in south-east London.

Doorstep Bakery - Brockley

Doorstep offers over 30 filling choices for their sandwiches and a range of different breads. Fillings range from good old ham to halloumi.

Fred's - Brockley

Fred’s offers great coffee, great cakes and great sandwiches. It uses both Swedish flatbreads and sourdough (white or seeded) so any combination can be toasted or eaten fresh. And it has a range of lovely fillings.

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No.41 - Honor Oak Park

This place does great Mediterranean food and offers a huge range of sandwiches, coffees and treats. Some of its popular sandwiches are hummus, rocket and avocado and then the back bacon, Cumberland sausage and egg. There is something for everyone with a huge range to choose from.

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Brick House Bakery - Peckham & East Dulwich

Brick House makes all its own bread and has a sandwich of the day that is always full of delicious ingredients.

Anderson&Co - Peckham

This Peckham cafe offers vegan and vegetarian sandwiches as well as the usual bacon butty. It is famous for its steak sandwiches and offers a range of different fillings to match what you are craving.

Archie’s - Deptford

Archie’s is the place for decadently indulgent cheese toasties. But these are not just your average toasties. How about Rosary goats cheese, honey, walnut and rosemary butter?

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Panda Panda - Deptford

Panda Panda is famous for its Vietnamese baguettes. These are crispy baguettes filled with a huge range of different Vietnamese classics.

Cafe 1001 - Lewisham

Cafe 1001 has your breakfast sandwiches sorted. Choose your fillings and get the perfect bacon, egg and sausage butty to start your day off right.

Sapporo Ichiban - Catford

At this place you can get sushi sandwiches, yes you heard that correctly, sushi. With different fish fillings to choose from.

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Taste Bud - Bromley

There is a huge range of sandwiches to choose from here. From tomato and mozzarella to smoked salmon and cream cheese. You can order them in large quantities and add lots of different salads and sides.

The Drawing Room - Orpington

The Drawing Room is another lovely cafe with a great range of sandwiches from coronation chicken to bacon and brie - there is something for everyone here.

Let us know your favourite place to go for sandwiches in the area.