Winner of X Factor's 10th series in 2013, Sam Bailey, performs at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford this weekend as part of her Sing My Heart Out tour. The Bexley singer takes some time to answer some questions about her music and her career.

How are you feeling about going on tour next year? I am so excited. Performing live to people who have paid to see me is the most fulfilling part of what I do. I absolutely love performing and all the build up to being on tour. I’m really looking forward to performing my own material from my new album too.

Your tour gives aspiring musicians from the local areas the chance to perform at your show to thousands, what was your reasoning for doing this? I know how it feels to be gigging for little money and chasing a dream. It is so hard to get a break in this industry and I wanted to give back to people who are in the same boat that I used to be in. If I can give even just one person a leg up into the industry then I will be happy.

What advice would you give to these budding stars? Don’t give up! And always stay grounded and humble.

How do you prepare before performing on stage to large audiences? Do you have any superstitions? I like to chill out in my dressing room with a cup of tea – vocal coaches would have a field day with me as you are not supposed to have milk before singing, but I have never found that I have a problem with this.

I usually have my hair and make-up done and then just have some time to sit. I always have to Facetime my hubby before I go on stage, if he is not there with me.

It’s become a bit of a ritual for me now to get my good luck message from him and it makes me feel good before a show.

Facetime is a life saver for me whilst I am on the road as it makes me feel like I am not missing out on time with Craig and the kids, I can call and see them at home and talk to them as if I was really there, I love it.

Who was the first person you ever saw in concert, and first album you bought? The first album I bought was by Color Me Bad. My first concert was when I was about 14/15 years old. I went to the Capital Road Show at Crystal Palace Park, Take That and a group called Bad Boys Inc performed. It was amazing.

The tour follows the release of your new album Sing My Heart Out, tell us a little about the album? After the success of my first album, I knew that I wanted to release more music. This time has been so different for me because it contains my own material. I have been song writing since I was a teenager and it’s always been an ambition of mine to release original music. I love all the songs on my first album, but I wanted to give a piece of me to my fans.

Which song is your personal favourite on the album? So many of the songs are personal to me and so will always be close to my heart, however at the minute my favourite is No Tomorrow. It is such a beautiful love song and is exactly how I feel about my wonderful husband Craig, who I wouldn’t be able to pursue this career without. Even my children love this song and whenever I hear it I always imagine couples using this as their first dance at their wedding.

What has been the highlight of the new album journey so far? I’ve loved doing my promotional signings and getting to meet fans and hear first-hand how much they love the album. It’s so rewarding to know that I have made something that so many people can relate to. I know how I feel about music and how certain songs make me feel different things and remind of certain times in my life, so to be able to do this for other people just feels incredible to me.

You have achieved so much in your career to date, are there any goals (professionally or personally) you have yet to achieve? I loved starring as Mama Morton in Chicago and this is definitely something I want to do more of. I’m a huge musical fan and have seen Les Mis about ten times so it would be a dream come true to be in that. I’m keen to do more acting and presenting too, but I will never ever stop singing my heart out!

Sam Bailey, Orchard Theatre, The Orchard Theatre, Home Gardens, Dartford, DA1 1ED, March 31 and April 1, tickets £28-£33, 7.30pm. Visit