Maybe I'm just easily impressed or perhaps it's a case of simple pleasures for simple people because we are only talking about a set of headphones here.

But the Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP headphones are my idea of luxury.

It's mainly because they give me the luxury of blocking out other people's noise on the train but there are other factors.

It starts with how they look, which is very attractive with their striking modern design and gorgeous teal colour.

Then there's the comfort, with them easily being the most comfortable headphones I've worn. They are very solidly constructed but also lightweight so can be worn for long periods without any aching. The padded head strap has the same soft cushiony leather-like material as the ear cans, which increases how comfortably they sit.

Some headphones are described as over-the-ear but actually sit more on the ears. These are proper over-the-ear phones, fully enveloping the lugholes and almost sucking them in.

This helps greatly in how good they are at keeping outside noise out, and also keeping inside noise in. There is no active noise-cancelling technology here but they still do a great job in that regard. The cans fit so snugly over the ears that there is little chance of sound escaping or penetrating.

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Something I do with headphones is test them at home where it's quiet, seeing how much disturbance I cause my family by playing music at the volume I’d want it on the train. It's a good indication of how loud I can have it on the train without bothering others around me (I'm one of those very rare people who care about this). With these headphones at home I was able to have the sound up pretty loud - louder than I'd usually have it - so it I knew they would be good for a peaceful commute both for me and other passengers.

It's a big advantage they do so well naturally cancelling noise without the need for batteries or having to always remember to switch them on and off. It's also hopefully a reason why their durability will be better as it’s one less thing that can go wrong - my previous set of Beats headphones, which did have an active noise-cancelling system, gave up after just a few months and wouldn't work any longer even though the headphones themselves were still in good nick.

The audio quality of these Sony headphones is excellent, with music and speech coming through crisp and clear. They can be quite bass-heavy but every background noise and percussion beat comes through. There have been a couple of times when I've thought "what's that sound?” and then realised it was part of a song I hadn't picked up on before in previous listens.

I wasn't initially impressed with these headphones and thought the sound quality was poor. This, it turned out, was because I hadn't connected the lead to them properly. It needed to go in at just the right angle in order to securely click into place.

This slight complication is really the only gripe I've had with them so far. Overall they are proving themselves to be a very good quality set of headphones which are improving my daily commute.

At £115 they at the more expensive end of the price scale, but they look like a good investment if you do a lot of travelling and want a bit of luxury for your music-listening or TV-watching experience.

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