The PlayStation VR kit is this month’s biggest new tech product but before you buy one you might need to sell some gadgets to raise funds or make some room for it.

Online marketplace eBay has released some top tips to make selling tech go smoothly and owning the latest must-have hardware a (virtual) reality.

Tips for selling tech on

Do your research – Find out what your items are worth on eBay and make sure that you’re pricing your item to sell – as one of the easiest ways to put customers off is overpricing. Pricing competitively is a key factor for making a sale.

Key words and relevancy – Make sure you include the brand name in the title – as this will help catch the buyer’s attention. Your listing title should be clear and relevant and always spelt correctly. A good description is also important to helping buyers find out everything they need about the product and reassuring them before a purchase.

Take good pictures – A good picture speaks a thousand words. Including multiple photos from different angles of your product is a good idea. Clean white backgrounds are a safe choice and be sure to show any tags and packaging.

Honesty and communication – Be honest. Complete clarity concerning any marks and scratches from the start means a happy customer. Answer questions from buyers as quickly and as professionally as you can. A good line of communication will help buyers trust you and buy with confidence.

Shipping – It’s a good idea to offer your item with free shipping. Many electronic items are small enough to be shipped inexpensively, so it’s a great way to make buying from you that much more attractive. It could also help target buyers who filter their searches to see only items with free shipping.

Encourage feedback – Customer feedback is essential as it lets other people know that you are a reputable seller and encourages others to buy tech, including refurbed. Always encourage a happy customer to feedback on your service.

Murray Lambell, retail director of electronics at eBay, said; “There is a real sense of people selling to buy on eBay and in the weeks running up to a big technology launch, it’s interesting to see customers checking the sale price they’d get if they were to sell their old model ahead of trading up for the latest version.”

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