Cancel your weekend plans and head to a store not so far, far away because the new Star Wars Battlefront video game is out.

Coming just a month before the release of hotly-anticipated The Force Awakens movie, though not directly linked to it, the game is expected to be a massive seller ahead of Christmas.

News Shopper: Star Wars Battlefront

Retailers such as Game at Bluewater opened from midnight so players could get their hands on it, and maybe get a few sneaky hours in before work or school today.

Coming from Battlefield developer Dice and published by EA, Battlefront on PS4, Xbox One and PC takes the form of a mostly multiplayer mostly online shooter that pitches players into huge battles taking place at several authentic looking iconic locations from the Star Wars world.

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Legendary characters such as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader pop up and are playable during the game.


Early reviews have praised the visuals and sound effects. The fun has also been highlighted but there has been criticism too, particularly for a perceived lack of variety and depth.

I’ve been playing the game too since yesterday and will have a review online soon. Spoiler alert, I’ve been very impressed so far and it’s looking like being one of my favourite games of the year – and this comes from someone who usually hates multiplayer shooters with a passion. I’d be playing it again right now if I didn’t think the bosses would take a dim viewn of me counting it as 'work'!

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