With Christmas looming on the horizon, it is a time to be decadently indulgent when it comes to food and drink and here is something pretty special.

To set the scene: it’s Christmas morning you have a glass of champagne (obviously) and you go to have croissants for breakfast and someone offers you boozy jam. What do you say?

Alcoholic jam is the new favourite being sold on Etsy, a website which sells handmade crafts, foods and clothes.

There are so many variations of jam to choose from that there really is a boozy jam for everyone. Jam makers are not missing a trick with their combinations.

Some examples of this festive treat:

Strawberry and Prosecco

Raspberry and Prosecco

Blackcurrant and whisky

Pinot Grigio

Mulled Wine

Plum, fig and brandy

So what do you think? Is this a genius idea or a disgusting one?

Jam can be used with a plethora of food items so this is the perfect festive treat for you to indulgently snack on this Christmas.