Absolutely spectacular - that’s the only way I can describe the view from the Panoramic Restaurant at Kempton Park.

What’s more, it is one of west London’s best-kept secrets. This is a great pity because, as I say, I would confidently predict you will not find a better spot anywhere in the country to watch the Sport of Kings.

And, not only are you guaranteed the best view in the house, you will soon discover you are able to dine like a king too.

I have driven past Kempton too many times to count and can remember thinking it looked a very well kept course. But, despite being a fan of the races, for one reason or another I had never had the opportunity to venture inside.

Well, I’m delighted to say this particular missing gap in my racing checklist has now been well and truly ticked off, and in some style too.

I found myself as a guest in the Panoramic Restaurant with a front-row seat and a top-notch menu in my hand. I would say I had the best seat, but to be honest the way the restaurant is laid out it doesn’t matter where you sit, you will be guaranteed a brilliant view of all the action.

The whole front section of the restaurant is one huge expanse of glass and the tables nestle right up against it.

I was accompanied by three colleagues, who couldn’t quite believe their luck that I’d invited them along.

It was a warm, bright summer’s evening so we started with drinks, well it would have been rude not to.

The pint of Guinness was perfectly served and even arrived complete with the traditional shamrock drawn into the head, the wine was chilled to perfection and the staff were equally determined to ensure I received a perfect pint of Staropramen.

If only my ability to pick a winner in the first race could have matched the quality of the drinks, ah well.

Determined to sample the full experience, three out of the four of us went for starters. I was sure my grilled chicken Caesar salad was the best choice and I wasn’t disappointed as it couldn’t have been fresher or tastier. Although, when I was allowed to try one of the other choices, I have to admit the Thai fish cake, with chilli and coriander might just have shaded it. Then came the result of race two. If only my ability to pick a winner… you get the picture.

For main course two of the group selected sirloin steak, from local butcher Heanen’s. I opted for the fillet of sea bass and colleague four chose a beefburger.

Everything was superbly cooked, beautifully presented and served perfectly. I would like to give special mention to my sea bass as I have this fairly regularly but will go on record to say this is one of the best examples I’ve tried. Then came the fourth and fifth races. If only my ability to pick a winner…

Desserts were equally tasty and again presented with a real panache. Special mention goes in this instance to the lemon tart cheesecake and rich chocolate fondant. Guess what happened in race six – if only…

Then, even as I sipped my coffee, a miracle, in the seventh and final race – would you believe it, my selection Athassel won by a nose at 10-1.

The whole experience had been a delight, the setting, the view, the fantastic food. The Panoramic Restaurant at Kempton must not be a secret any more. I can thoroughly recommend a visit and seriously suggest you tell your friends too, they’ll love it.

And, although losing a few quid on the first six races certainly wouldn’t have spoilt my evening, ending a few pounds up after race seven topped things off nicely.

Panoramic Restaurant, Kempton Park Racecourse, Staines Road East, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 5AQ