DAYS spent in the warmth at home with family and friends watching Christmas specials on TV mean you will need a good supply of festive snacks.

But there is only limited room on your coffee table so you need to choose only the best, and that’s where we come in.

Take a look at our guide of the best Christmas snacks:

Cadbury’s Roses

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The old ones are the good ones and nothing says Christmas like a tin of these individually-wrapped beauties. Along with rival Quality Street – it’s a personal preference thing, but this year we’re going Roses - they’re more traditional than turkey. Roses RRP £9.19 (but the supermarkets always have deals). Also more than worth a punt are Cadbury’s Heroes, but you already knew that.

Pringles Sweet Cinnamon

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Something about a tube of Pringles just says Christmas gluttony and once you pop you can’t stop.

This year, those starchy innovators have concocted two new classically Christmas flavours: Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc. The Sweet Cinnamon is a winner, the Mint Choc is more of an acquired taste but if you like it you’ll love it. RRP £2.49, from Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison’s.

Dulce de Leche truffles, Marks and Spencer

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Gorgeous Dulche de Leche caramel inside a smooth chocolate bomb, dusted in almond pieces.

They’re a bit like Ferrero Rocher but for the high rollers. £5, 145g

Cadbury Little Wishes

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These are all-round winners – they taste great, look great and make money for charity. Ten per cent of profits from these deliciously-tempting chocolate truffle Lucky Stars goes to the Make a Wish Foundation. RRP £2.13

Milk Tray

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If you are lucky, you might just get one of these as a lovely romantic gift. Yes, it’s a cliché, but it is also lovely chocolate. I’ve already munched through two decent-sized boxes this Christmas so I can personally recommend. The box has been redesigned and the Royal Warrant is now on the front, but the inside is the same classic fare. RRP £3.89 for a 200g box all the way to £11.99 for a 600g box.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman

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The snowmen are new for this year, but you’ll be wondering how you lived without them. A light, fluffy vanilla shell is covered in classic dairy milk. RRP 65p.

Handcrafted All-Butter Mini Mince Pie Selection, Marks and Spencer

If only it were a given that you will be having mince pies. Apparently some people don’t like them, but fear not – this selection will break you into that wonderful world gentle. There are super mini pies of the classic variety, little open-topped ones with boozy brandy buttercream and, the piece de la resistance, little mince pies with a chocolate brownie top. It really works. And it’s coated in gold.

The 36 pie pack is £15, but there are smaller selections too.

Oak-smoked cranberry fruit and nut medley, Morrisons

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Almonds, pecans and flame raisins mixed with chewy cranberries, slowly smoked over oak chippings for a delicate smoky flavour. A savoury masterpiece. £4.