An uplifting blend of reggae music and theatre is set to set people’s souls alight.

For one week only, the Albany theatre in Deptford is hosting Lover’s Rock Monologues – a showcase of inimitable songs and stories by three of the genre’s key luminaries.

Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson and Victor Romero Evans will be performing at the venue between Tuesday, October 16 and Saturday, October 20.

Lover’s Rock, a hugely influential sub-genre of reggae, was born in south London during the mid 1970s and, over the next decade, continued to gain momentum with increased popularity and significance.

It gave women a voice in the traditionally male-dominated realm of reggae with poignant lyrics and uplifting melodies, breaking beyond the constraints of underground dancehalls and radio shows.

Lover’s Rock as a genre gave artistic inspiration to classic chart acts such as The Police, Culture Club, and countless more but most importantly, it was an integral part of black British identity during a politically and socially unstable time.

Janet, Carroll and Victor tell the intimate inside story behind this trailblazing cultural phenomenon, interspersed with the uplifting and inspirational music that defined it.

On Friday, October 19, the evening will take a different focus with a showing of the documentary film The Story of Lover’s Rock presented by Victor Romero Evans and featuring live guests.

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News Shopper: kay

Janet Kay made history by becoming the first British born black female to have a reggae song, the timeless Silly Games, at the top of the British charts in 1979.

The song remains one of the most successful British reggae songs of all time and has also been a huge hit in Europe.

Janet has been voted one of Britain’s Top 100 Black Britons and has been presented with multiple awards, her music crossing over to international audiences especially Japan where her career has reached stellar proportions.

As an acclaimed actress, she joined forces with Victor Romero Evans via the Black Theatre Co-operative and later on co-formed an all-female theatre company, The Bibi Crew.

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Victor Romero Evans has worked extensively and consistently on stage, screen, radio and as a recording artist for over three decades.

He is a founder member of the pioneering Black Theatre Co-operative and most recently toured internationally as the preacher in the stage adaptation of the landmark film, The Harder They Come.

Appearances in the groundbreaking British film Babylon plus a key part in the UK's first black sitcom No Problem, have guaranteed Victor's legendary status, he continues to perform across the board and is currently recording a brand new lovers rock album.

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Carroll Thompson's name is synonymous with the genre, sometimes being referred to as the Queen of Lover’s Rock alongside Janet Kay.

Her hits I’m So Sorry, Just A Little Bit and Simply In Love won her accolades including Best Female Performer at the BBC Radio London Reggae Awards in 1983.

Carroll also has featured in two Top 100 Black Britons lists.

Her awards are as far-reaching as her renowned career, having worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Pet Shop Boys, Paul Oakenfold and Courtney Pine.

Carroll's solo work also includes music production, consultancy, development and writing.