PREPARE for the amp to be cranked back up to 11 as 80s heavy metal guitarist Misha Calvin emerges from the suburban wilderness of Beckenham to make a hopeful comeback.

The self-proclaimed rock legend from Yugoslavia, whose early career has seen him collaborate with the likes of Tony Martin from Black Sabbath, hopes to bring metal music kicking, screaming and bat-head-biting back into fashion with the re-release of his single Evolution.

The song has been re-worked into four versions and is due for release this year.

Misha is confident now is the time for rock to shake the world once again.

He said: "Heavy rock disappeared and I don’t know why. Record companies stopped signing the bands and we never really had the big grandiose groups like Led Zeppelin again.

"Record companies now focus more on the sort of quick pop bands and one hit wonders. However, I think they’re taking the short cut and killing rock completely.

"But now I feel rock is coming back and you see it in the press, the fashion and on television."