Despite having to launch a summer season of concerts from big-name pop divas – such as Britney, Madonna and Beyonce – Girls Aloud more than called the shots at The O2, Greenwich, this weekend.

From the opening minute in which they are raised up on podiums high above the stage, the girls tore through a mesmerising show of countless pop hits, as well as a couple of tracks from current album Out of Control.

If there’s one thing Girls Aloud have – apart from paparazzi constantly on their toned tails – it is catchy pop tunes. And there was barely a filler moment in the whole show.

Even the not quite die-hard fans enjoyed yet-to-be-released Out of Control album tracks, especially hip hop-lite Revolution In The Head which was accompanied by some funky Pussycat Doll-esque choreography.

News Shopper: Concert review: Girls Aloud, The O2, Greenwich *****

The dancing was really impressive too. Yes they may be famed for some of their choreography (the “jumping on my tutu” move from Something Kinda Ooh, the entire Love Machine routine and Biology’s jerky steps) but they worked well with their troupe of buff backing dancers and didn’t put a sparkly stiletto out of place. Where Nadine (unsurprisingly) stole the spotlight with her powerful vocals, it was Cheryl who impressed most with her execution of the fun, funky and ridiculously-sexy routines. No wonder they all look so good.

I suppose they need to for all the barely there outfits, which were matched by a too-skimpy staging. Something more spectacular would have taken this show to another level, the screens showing pouty clips of the girls in various guises and outfits didn’t feel special enough.

There were plenty of striking touches though; the glitzy costumes, the raised podiums they performed The Promise on, an aerial bridge which took the group up and over the audience for lovely latest single Untouchable and the cover of Britney’s Womaniser impressively staged with male dancers controlled by the girls with puppet. It was a shame their vocals didn’t suit the song though.

News Shopper: Concert review: Girls Aloud, The O2, Greenwich *****

Thankfully, an a cappella-like version of James Morrison’s Broken Strings was far better, as was a wind-swept Something Kinda Ooh and a moodily-lit Sounds of the Underground sounded as good as ever.

With too many hits to mention, Girls Aloud tied up the loose ends with a medley during their encore featuring Can’t Speak French and Jump.

My friend excitedly insisted Kimberley waved at her from the mini stage Girls Aloud took to for a few intimate numbers, and while I’m still not sure I believe her, it goes to show how good they are at whipping a crowd into a frenzy.

It also shows this fast-paced show packed full of glitter, grinding and polished pop gems didn’t disappoint the fans either.

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