They may have ended over a quarter of a century ago but the 1980s will never really die. With its colourful fashion and experimental pop it seems everyone has a soft spot for the decade.

Pop star Toyah Willcox, whose hits included It’s a Mystery and Thunder in the Mountains, will play the 80s Invasion Tour at Indigo2 on March 16 alongside Paul Young, Martika and China Crisis.

She told us: “It is going to be a lot of fun. We have two hours of non-stop hits so I am looking forward to it a lot.

“I work with China Crisis and Paul Young all the time so we are very much old friends as well as family. I think it is going to be a bit of a giggle.

“We are well practised, we have had 40 years of practice at what we do so the shows tend to be quite sparkling and polished but we do have fun at the same time.”

She added: “Eighties music is a phenomena and it seems to go from strength to strength.

“I’ve found this with nearly everything I did in the eighties – my films are the same. They bring new audiences. It must be something about that decade that rang in the changes.

“For me I think it was because songs were pretty epic back then.”

With 15 top 40 singles and four gold and platinum albums under her belt, as well as hatfuls of film and stage roles including Quadrophenia, Toyah has been working away since the mid-70s and has no appetite for stopping.

She said: “I am just not interested in doing anything other than being creative and my work so that’s why I keep doing it.”

Even now Toyah plays two acoustic shows a week and tours frequently with her band. A musical based on her music, for which she wrote additional some score, has just opened in London and her line-up of film projects includes a sort of quasi-Quadrophenia sequel.

“The film is called To Be Someone and we’re not allowed to associate it with Quadrophenia at all. That’s an actual legality,” she said. “Yes, there are people that were involved in Quadrophenia but this is a completely separate entity. But it is about the mod movement today.”

And while her music career lets her keep working with old friends, it seems the same is true of Toyah’s acting career too.

She said: “I work with them all the time. Gary Shale is playing my husband in the movie Hound, which I’m shooting at the moment, so we are always together.

“We’re together at Quadrophenia conventions, we’re together when we’re acting. Like the eighties shows, we know each other very well and have done for 40 years.”

Toyah plays the 80s Invasion Tour at Indigo2, Greenwich, on March 16. Tickets are on sale from September 9. Go to

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