I WANTED to like Ocean Colour Scene's comeback album, On the Leyline having been a fan of their second album Moseley Shoals.

The album starts well with breezy, catchy pop track I Told You So, which is to be the band's first single.

The next two tracks On the Leyline, Waiting and For Dancers Only (penned by Paul Weller) are rockier with plenty of drums and guitar.

The boys from Birmingham are not afraid to jump on the political bandwagon either.

The immensely catchy Go to Sea takes the theme of the army trying to get boys from Scotland to sign up; "Go to sea, boy/I will teach you a trade that's for life/When you're 21 and north of the border the chance is/The military man will come to offer you a hand and advances."

And the future PM also comes in for some stick in Mr Brown - "You Promised Us the Earth/So you Could Let us Down".

The 13-track album is certainly very listenable with a mix of rock, folk and ballady tracks which grew on me after a few plays.

But I don't think there is anything which compares with my favourite OCS track, The Day We Caught The Train (which got to number 4 in 1996).

The former Britpop boys have produced a chirpy, catchy album but it doesn't rival the classic, Moseley Shoals.