The Hong Kong boy band which was credited for the revival of Cantopop over the last several years, "Mirror", has finally gone international by going on their first ever world tour titled "Feel The Passion" The first stop being London, the highly anticipated show taking place in the O2.

The 12 members of Mirror: Lokman, Anson Kong, Keung To, Anson Lo. Edan Lui, Ian Chan, Alton Wong, Frankie Chan, Stanley Yau, Jer Lau, Tiger, and Jeremy Lee, had rather successfully left their fans screaming and wanting more with their captivating performance. The show was incredibly upbeat with dance number after dance number, which were very well-choreographed, and the most impressive part was the way the whole group was in sync during the group numbers. But that does not mean they did not manage to hit fans right in their feelings, with one of the most memorable moments of the show being the singalong to their song "One and All", which was about staying together through good times and bad times, at the end of the show.

Besides group numbers, each member has their own time to shine, they all had a chance to perform on their own, to show off their own speciality, for example, Anson Lo is more known for his dancing, whereas Jer Lau is more known for his vocal ability. There was also a little bit of  mix and match involved, where members perform together in small groups, a highlight would be the duo of Edan Lui and Jer Lau performing a cover of Pi Nang by Jam Hsiao, through Edan's passionate and skilled playing of the piano, matched with Jer's powerful and expressive singing, along with the pair's vocal compatibility and sheer intensity displayed, their dynamic created one of the most mesmerising performance of the night.

Mirror had not disappointed fans in bringing their concert to the international stage, with their stage presence and charm, they had created an absolutely unforgettable night for fans.