In our world, teens are surrounded by technology. It is part of their everyday life and at this point they cannot live without their precious mobile phones. This is disruptive to their mental health, but is it all that bad? 

Technology has helped teenagers these days with so many things, for example access to information. Just a couple years ago, if there were any resources you needed, you would mainly be stuck in the library for days, looking up information of which may even be out of date! Now, all you need to do is make the effort of typing the question into the search bar and you are handed thousands of different websites which offer their knowledge. What would take a whole day, now takes less than a minute with the help of the internet. As well as this, the view of communication has changed drastically as well. Back in the day, the only time you would be able to speak with your friends and family would be when you are standing right next to them in real life. Now with the helpful mobile phones, you can text, call or video call them wherever and whenever you want, making life much easier. 

However, as we know, with all things that are good, come with negatives, and in this case they may even outweigh the positives. Imagine these poor teenagers, when they should be having fun outdoors, breathing the healthy oxygen and getting the right amount of vitamin D from the sun, instead they are stuck indoors, ruining their eyesight looking at these flashing lights coming from a box. Even though it seems that these teenagers are connected with everyone in the world through all these social media platforms, it is usually the opposite. They all start to feel much more alone and isolated from reality, they are constantly staring at their screen, so much that they get detached from the outside world and dive deep into the artificial web of lies. All these photos and videos they see of perfect people with perfect lives fill up their heads and make them feel so much inferior than them. Some teenagers try to reach out and talk with family members, but as they are the first generation with these problems, their parents don’t understand.  

So these seemingly innocent devices may restrict the lives and cause a lot of damage mentally for fragile teenagers and even grown ups. So we, as a whole, should really try not to rely on our devices too much. A small snowball can turn into an avalanche of problems if not dealt with!