Debunking myths about the brain 

1. IQ tests are always an accurate measure of intelligence.  

Intelligence consists of many different components. Furthermore, IQ tests are used not to directly measure intelligence but to get a vague understanding of the individual’s intelligence. Not even multiple tests can measure intelligence because it is so complex and hard to measure as there are various aspects within it.  

2. You can always trust your senses.  

This statement is not true as your senses can be fooled with tricks. Hallucinations can deceive your senses. UV light is not something we can directly see, but it does not mean that it is not there. Also, there are more than 5 senses, so this shows that we cannot perceive everything as we see it. For example, thermoception is our ability to sense a change in the temperature around us.  

3. You cannot prevent a stroke.  

Strokes can be prevented through lifestyle changes and understanding the cause of the stroke. Risk factors for strokes include smoking and cholesterol. Reducing smoking can reduce the risk of getting a stroke.  

4. We only use 10% of our brains.  

All of your brain is being used. Our brain is even being used when sleeping. Our brains are highly active.  

5. Video games rot your brain.  

Video games can have positive effects on the brain as it can improve focus and concentration. Video games only become a worry, when being used too much and this then starts affecting other aspects of their life.  

6. Memory gets worse as you age. 

Some types of memory get better as you grow older. For example, semantic memory gets better, and this is general knowledge that involves vocabulary and reading. To prevent your memory from getting worse, you should eat well and exercise plenty.