The effect of advertising 

In today’s world, we see adverts everywhere we go. Even though we do not realise it, these adverts can easily influence us with their bold letters and popping images. It is almost impossible to ignore advertisements. 

There are many techniques used in adverts. Certain colours are used to convey the messages required. For example, blue conveys a sense of calmness and relaxation. These colours can influence the targeted audience to buy the product. Red can be used in adverts to express excitement and yellow is used to convey happiness. Repetition is another technique that is used. The more you see a word on an advert, the more likely you are to walk away still remembering that particular advertisement. Furthermore, nostalgia is used. This may be more effective during challenging times like Covid because by seeing an advert that shows a happier life, you are more likely to feel a connection with it. Social proof is a great way of persuading people as it reassures the audience that the product has been used by someone and they have liked it.  

To stop getting manipulated by adverts, you should understand the techniques used to persuade people. Also, you should install ad blockers on devices. This is the most you can really do. To stop others getting persuaded by advertisements, raise awareness about how adverts can manipulate people.