If you’re looking for a good backdrop for a photo, south east London is full of stunning locations to snap away, from historic buildings to beautiful greenspaces.

South east London is rich in history and culture, offering some of the UK’s most stunning historical buildings and landmarks, along with many Green Flag awarded parks to snap away to your heart's content.

We’ve rounded up nine of the best Instagram locations we think you shouldn’t miss the next time you’re in search of a photo opportunity.

The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Where? Old Royal Naval College, London, SE10 9NN

How much? Free

News Shopper: Old Royal Naval CollegeOld Royal Naval College (Image: Old Royal Naval College)

Used as a backdrop for period dramas and films like Ridley Scott’s Napoleon and Netflix’s Bridgerton, the Old Royal Naval College is a prime example of Greenwich’s stunning architecture.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the building was originally built in 1873 as a home for the retired sailors of the British Navy.

With its two large buildings topped with domes and views of the river, the Old Royal Naval College makes for a dramatic backdrop.

The Painted Hall, Greenwich

Where? Old Royal Naval College, London, SE10 9NN

How much? £15-£16.50 for adults, free for children and carers

News Shopper: The Painted HallThe Painted Hall (Image: Old Royal Naval College)

Otherwise known as “Britain’s Sistine Chapel”, the Painted Hall in Old Royal Naval College is a stunning 18th century baroque structure designed by Sir James Thornhill, featuring 200 figures that depict Britain’s long history.

With its opulent gold walls, high ceilings and painted figures, it makes for a striking place to take some photos, and with table mirrors and large seating areas to lie on you can be sure to get the hall from all angles.

The Cutty Sark, Greenwich

Where? King William Walk, London, SE10 9HT

How much? £18 for adults, £9 for children

News Shopper: Cutty SarkCutty Sark (Image: National Maritime Museum)

If you want a location that feels like something from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Cutty Sark in Greenwich is a must-do on any Instagrammer's bucket list.

First built in 1866, the Cutty Sark was once one of the fastest ships in the world, transporting tea from Asia and later wool from Australia to the UK, until its final trip in 1877.

The ship eventually became a training ship before it was opened to the public in 1957, then was later reopened in 2012 after a fire in 2007, and contains many of its original features. 

There’s plenty to photograph, from the masts and the deck with its small cabins and views of Greenwich and the River Thames, to its impressive hull which you can stand under.

Crossness Pumping Station, Abbey Wood

Where? Bazalgette Way, Abbey Wood, London SE2 9AQ

How much? £18 for guided tours, £4-£18 for steaming open days

News Shopper: Crossness Pumping StationCrossness Pumping Station (Image: P Scrimshaw)

Located in Abbey Wood, Crossness Pumping Station is one of the prime examples of Victorian ironwork and is a must-see attraction.

The pumping station was originally built around 1865 by William Webster, in a bid to deal with “The Great Stink” and to more effectively dispose of London’s waste.

Today you can still see the ironwork structure, which resembles something more of a cathedral or ornate building than a sewage station.

With its striking ironwork and use of bold colours, it makes for an unseal and colourful place to photograph for the grid.

Eltham Palace and Gardens, Eltham

Where? Court Yard, Eltham SE9 5QE

How much? From £14.50 for adults and £8.60 for children

News Shopper: Eltham Palace & GardensEltham Palace & Gardens (Image: English Heritage)

Eltham Palace and Gardens was once the royal residence to members of the Tudor family, including King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth I, and later the millionaire Courtland family in the 1930s.

The gardens boast 19 acres of land to explore, from woodland areas to landscaped formal gardens, as well as a moat around the castle.

Its medieval bridge that takes visitors across the moat has links to the famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who famously supervised the construction of the bridge.

The gardens are always abundant with seasonal blooms, making it the perfect place to picture no matter what season.

Hall Place, Bexley

Where? Bourne Road, Bexley, DA5 1PQ

How much? Free

News Shopper: Hall PlaceHall Place (Image: Hall Place & Gardens)

With its animal-shaped topiary trees dating back to the 1950s, and its Tudor house with its checkerboard exterior, Hall Place looks as if it's straight from the pages of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The gardens have so much to photograph from several different gardens, a butterfly house, a bird hide, the garden lake, a miniature railway and a hot house growing tropical fruits

The Horniman Museum, Forest Hill

Where? 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ

How much? Free

News Shopper: The Horniman MuseumThe Horniman Museum (Image: Andrew Lee)

Located in Forest Hill, this Victorian museum and 16-acre gardens offers a mix of beautiful gardens, historic architecture and city views from atop the hill to photograph.

There’s plenty of Victorian architecture to explore including a band stand and clocktower, along with the conservatory with its striking white and black tiling and ornate metal work.

If you fancy photographing some flowers, head over to one of the many gardens featuring an array of plants, including the sunken garden built in 1936 featuring an array of colourful perennial blooms, and the Dye garden featuring a variety of plants sued to make natural dyes.

Skehan's, Nunhead

Where? 1 Kitto Road, London, SE14 5TW

Our guide wouldn’t have been complete without including at least one pub, and Skehan’s in Nunhead is popular with locals, while its likeness has been captured by many artists.

The pub's exterior is an eye-catching place for a photograph, with its blue paintwork and walls covered with various plants.

The pub was first built in the 1800s and with its lush green exterior and Victorian architecture it makes for an unusual backdrop for any photo.

Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham

Where? Beckenham Hill Road, Beckenham, BR3 1SY

How much? Free

News Shopper: Beckenham Place ParkBeckenham Place Park (Image: Lewisham Council)

Located in Lewisham, Beckenham Place Park covers 96 hectares of land, featuring listed buildings and a number of landscaped gardens to explore.

During the late spring the gardens are abundant with colourful blooms and wisteria, making it a great place if you’re after a very floral-themed backdrop.

This Green Flag awarded park also hosts a lake, a woodland walk and sunken gardens, and if you get hungry there are also two on-site cafes you can stop off at.