World thinking day, 22nd of February, a day to remember in the world of Girl guiding globally. The day the founders of all scouts were born. A day marked in history. 

It all began when Robert Baden-Powell created the boy scouts, but noticed at a rally, there were girls, who called themselves girl scouts, which was unusual as he thought they didn't exist, and received the response, “Yes, there are, for here we are,”. Baden-Powell then realized something had to be done for the girls, so his sister Agnes organized Girl Guides, with the first company, Pinkney’s green registered in 1910. Baden-Powell then went on a global tour, meeting Olave St Clair Soames, getting engaged and then married to her October 1912. Then Olave soon became involved in Baden-Powell's scouting activities, becoming Country Commissioner for the Girl Guides in Sussex in 1916 and was soon further promoted to World Chief Guide in 1930, with Baden-Powell who became chief scout of the world in 1920. Since the couple had the same birthday, a French guider suggested that this day be special to all girl guides and scouts all over the world, to remember the Girl Guides movement. 

So now, every year, scouts celebrate this event, by learning about acting against global issues which affect local communities, while fundraising for the 8.8 million Girl Guides and Scouts around the world, with huge global impacts, as the community has previously raised £34000 for the World thinking day fund to help others. The local brownies enjoyed participating in various activities, like using compasses and learning about sustainability. 

In Brownies, girls learn life skills, having lots of fun while doing so. The scout leaders, Karen and Katie, have been in brownies since the ages of 6 and 7, and help run the 14th Bromley Brownies, where there are 18 brownies of many ages. They love that “for 90 minutes the Brownies get to take part in activities relating to the world around them and developing skills they can use outside of Girl Guiding, all whilst having fun.”, and think “It’s great to see the girls developing, making new friends, learning new skills and having adventures!” 

Just recently, the brownies took part in making pancakes to earn their badge the day after pancake day, which was on the 13th of February. In groups, they were challenged to use a recipe and carefully measure all key ingredients, to create a delicious outcome they would all enjoy. This isn't even all, since the Brownies are always having some sort of fun, like going camping, earning badges, or exciting experiences. 

Girl Guiding is a great thing to take part in, whether you join a group or decide to volunteer there. Either way, it has countless benefits, like helping the community, reducing stress, learning key skills, and most importantly, having fun! It has had so much impact on the world, as we remember the work of Robert, and Olave Baden-Powell, on World Thinking Day. So, why not give it a try?