Great attractions are springing up all over Kent: 

After spending the crisp chill of winter tucked inside, most of us are keen to stretch our legs and take in some springtime sun. What better way to do this than exploring some of Kent’s wonderful wilderness! Nestled in the south-east of England, Kent greets you with a tapestry of colour in springtime where blues, reds and yellows weave into a carpet of rosy blossoms. Whether you are looking to take a stroll through nature with your family or make the most of the vibrant hues of flowering blooms, these 5 locations will indulge you in the finest gardens, walks and trails Kent has to offer. 

Emmett's Garden: 

Location: Ide Hill, Sevenoaks TN14 6BA 

Emmett's Garden has a horticultural history dating back to the 19th century, which has created a botanical paradise for visitors to marvel at. Springtime here treats visitors to an array of delicate daffodils, majestic magnolias and tremendous tulips as you meander down the winding paths. The aroma of sweet blossoms linger in the air as you immerse yourself in this floral spectacle. From the highest point in Kent, you can take in the views framed with rare trees and exotic plants or wander through the sprawling meadows. 

Leeds Castle: 

Location: Broomfield, Maidstone ME17 1PL 

The grounds of Leeds Castle offer a captivating adventure for all ages. The expansive grounds invite the senses to witness an enchanting array of scenery. During Spring, the Castle enters its prime time displaying: bursts of snowdrops and purple crocuses; hundreds of daffodils beside the Castle moat, and wildflowers decorate the woodland floor. Japanese cherry blossoms drape the pathways, providing a beautiful backdrop to a mosey around the grounds with the whole family. Visitors can also partake in interactive storytelling sessions and Easter egg hunts outside, undoubtably keeping all the kids full of joy. 

Scotney Castle: 

Location: Tunbridge Wells TN3 8JN 

With 780 acres to explore, Scotney Castle hosts a grazing frenzy with native-breed cattle and an abundance of sheep - the ideal environment to raise their young during the warming season. As well as its perfect primroses and fantastic fritillaries, the grounds are notorious for their beautiful spread of bluebells across the ancient woodlands. Blossoms put on a parade of scent and excitement during the Spring season, beginning with peach and plum trees in the walled garden which are later escorted by pear and cherry trees. 

Ashenbank Wood:  

Location: Halfpence Ln, Gravesend DA12 3BH 

A gentle 2-mile trail circles the open landscape of this picturesque woodland area near Gravesend. As the grip of winter fades, this countryside embraces Spring with a pastel palette of bluebells, serene clusters of primroses and anemones along with fields of wildflowers. Nothing compares to a Sunday afternoon spent exploring each twist and turn of the trail, splashing in puddles and soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. 

Brogdale Farm: 

Location: Brogdale Farm House, Brogdale Rd, Faversham ME13 8XZ 

Renowned as the home of the National Fruit Collection, this spectacular farm is bursting at the seams with its diversity of fruit trees. Staggeringly, over 2000 different varieties of trees are grown across its orchards, with variations of cherries, pears, apples and plums. Not only can you gaze at these beautiful blossoms from afar; why not saunter amongst them while taking a picnic in the orchards to fully immerse yourself in nature? During Spring, this wonderful location boasts sweet scents and scenic sights, showing off its rich botanical heritage.  

These are just 5 of the wonderful spring locations that Kent has to offer. Find a trail near you, grab your walking boots and spring into action!