Why should we volunteer, is it to get a Duke of Edinburgh certificate is to help those in need or is it to learn about the situation others are in. 

The reason we volunteer does not matter whether someone does it for the wrong or right reasons, all that matters it the impact it has on the community or society. 


Someone might be volunteering to show a positive side of them maybe after some bad publicity or they might do it as they have free time, and it would be a good opportunity to truly help those that truly need it.  

If they both help at a food bank those who receive the food will be thankful to the volunteer no matter what their personality is as they got help in challenging times. Not to mention you will learn more about the struggles and will meet up with others and you will understand to value of everything in life. 

  Not to mention get to spend some time with your friends or make some new ones. Volunteering is not only about helping those who need it, but it is about contributing to society that values your work. It is a chance to build connections that might never jump at your doorstep it is what helps the society work well together like bees in a hive. 

Volunteering can also help reduce your stress and take you away from other daily duties that you might have. This can be done though the process of playing with animals or feeding washing them as well as focusing on what the other person needs more if you volunteer to work in a nursing home.