Discussing technology: cliché or necessary? 

Technology is such a rising topic these days and is discussed at least once in every conversation. So much so, that many people have started to see it as something ‘boring’ or ‘typical’ to talk about. But honestly, is it necessary to be discussing it this much? 

With 2024 progressing, slowly but surely technology is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives, with new kinds of tech being developed left and right. Currently, its purpose seems to be the way forward for us. So, if technology keeps advancing the way it is right now, it never won't be a ‘hot topic’, so how could it be cliché? There are so many things that are so new and unknown about technology, like a good mystery that can never truly be solved. In android, there are new flip phones, in apple, the new dynamic island, camera phones, so many bizarre features you’d never expect. What’s next? We don’t know, which, I believe, is the true thrill of technology, which could be discussed forever. 

For example, if you have the new IOS update, I bet you didn't know that you can now airdrop pictures by tapping and holding on the phone of someone else with the update too. Cool, right? Well, now you can tell others the same thing, as these kinds of fun tricks are a great way to start an interesting conversation or carry out tasks efficiently. It’s already helping us in so many unimaginable ways, like medicine, shopping, engineering, and even robots being your chess opponent. It’s helped carry out so many surgeries, and do tasks even humans find impossible, with many rovers on mars and the moon. 

Technology has built its way into all our lives so deeply; I doubt it’ll ever really be out of fashion. Just on one person you can expect to find headphones, a smartwatch, smart tag and even a smart coffee mug. It’s become so important that it has a role in every task we do. So much so, that many people have started to call all their devices, their ‘technology ecosystem’, as it’s clearly acting like a way to live. 

Normal machinery isn’t even the limit. There is a solution with technology for any problem, useful or pointless, you might have. Do you need a one-key keyboard, or a glow in the dark dodecahedron? Probably not, I know, but what I’m trying to say is that there is not much that technology can’t solve yet. New inventions are constantly emerging, so no one knows what the future of technology will look like. Will we have floating cars? Will there be robot that is a tennis pro? Nobody knows. 

Whether you're a true computer fanatic, or an everyday user, technology always has something to offer, whether for everyday use, entertainment, education, or helping to improve the world around us, so I think discussing it can never really be cliché, as it never really stays the same, do you agree?