Classics is a wide-ranging degree devoted to the study of the literature, history, philosophy, languages and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. These civilisations have had an immense influence on the development of the modern world – on words and ideas, religion, literature, art and architecture, drama and philosophy. A Level Classical Civilisation is the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture, philosophy, mythology, literature, and society. During so, the creation and function of Greek vases, the evolution of Greek sculptures, and the themes behind Greek religion are all topics learnt and explored.  


The classical subjects are important. The world we live in today is influenced by the ancient world, therefore should be studied more and regarded as wholly important. Students who study Classics will improve their skills as an intellect - their analytical and critical thinking skills and their writing and communication skills. They learn to write concisely and clearly, whilst also having perspective and historical knowledge. Students could reach any horizon when searching for jobs. They could be in media, politics, teaching or research. From musician Chris Martin to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the study of the ancient world can open all doors. Freud, one of the most studied psychologists of today, was also once a student of Classics, and to some extent we all are. Whether you read, or even are on the hunt for a home – you are using the study of architecture and literature which is all a section of classics. 

Peter Deane teaches Classics at Newstead Wood School, in Orpington, despite having never studied the subject. He has a degree in English, however teaching his Classics students is the “best lesson of the week”. He says Classics is “Art History, Philosophy and English skills all in one subject”.  

The course he teaches covers Greek Comedy and Tragedy (Theatre), Love and Relationships, the World of the Hero (The Odyssey) and much more. They study architecture and creation, such as old vases and they inspire the students to research and read outside of the syllabus in order to gain more understanding of the ancient world.  


Classics is a respected subject, however, should be given more praise as study and should be taught in more schools both nationally and globally.