After months of monotonous autumn mush, a highly anticipated winter season had finally arrived. With a white Christmas only a couple years ago at the time, and finally a sense or normality regained after covid, Christmas 2023 was set out to be one for the books, but was it really? 

Last Christmas feels like yesterday and whilst I would normally be overwhelmed with a sense of contentment and be fulfilled, I feel quite the contrary and I’m not the one. Last Christmas many of my friends and family had brought to my attention the looming grey cloud hovering over our beloved Christmas day. Even after watching Christmas movies and baking Christmas cookies, it still hadn't felt like the Christmas we all knew and loved. However, there may be reasons for this query of ours. 

Global effects and situations 

It is scientifically proven that events going on in the outside world can have both a drastic effect on our Christmas spirits as well as society’s expectations and demands. The current conflict in Israel and Palestine has been swarming the news during the past few months and whilst the media coverage has died down, the war is as serious as ever. Worried family and friends may be grieving for their loved ones and family whilst even those who have vaguely heard about the situation are said to have a physiological effect on their brain that is unnoticed but can affect their holiday spirit. 

Family and Financial issues 

Another reason for a mellow Christmas is that many people face family expectations, financial strain or even past trauma with the festival. Though struggling in such a difficult time people can still find the light in situations by finding a sense of togetherness within friends and family. 


As much as we attempt to deny it, fact is we are all getting older. With each added year comes a sense of awareness of our responsibilities developing and finding new ways to enjoy Christmas with our family and friends. However, we also lose our young found ‘Christmas spirit’ as we slowly become more like Santa than a kid on Christmas. 

Overall, there is so many factors to consider when discussing Christmas and although some situations can make it slightly less enjoyable, I find that the holiday always held a special place within everyone, and we can find something to enjoy about it each year.