Something exquisite, something enamouring, something enchanting. BBC Earth is an immersive experience in which you are taken through an unforgettable journey. Visit the biodiverse ecosystems in 7 continents by just walking through halls. The screens and dark walls will change around you as you become mesmerised by scenery and sound.


The BBC Earth Experience is a popular tourist destination in London. The footage and music provided, is from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit television series. Narration, from David Attenborough will guide you on your journey as you explore different zones. This will be showcased on enormous, multi-angled, digital screens. This experience is completely self-guided, so you are free to explore what you want and when you want.


As well as learning about animals from the seven continents, there is a separate section for marine creatures and arthropods (basically insects, arachnids, and crustaceans). In the zone for Water life, there is a system that allows you to engage with the screen if you step in the blue zone. The clever mechanism works by tracking body movements and matching it to the screens, so the creatures, for example, fish move where you want it to go. In the Micro life zone, prepare for a spooky surprise that is sure to leave you stunned. Once a button is pressed an experience begins and it will seem as though you have been transported into the world of creepy crawlies. Press the red button if you dare…


What’s noteworthy is that once you’re in, you won’t be nagged to move out in strictly 1 hour or so. The time you stay is unlimited! Even better, there are soft, spacious, snug bean bags laid out on floor, should you wish to gaze up at the screens, or just simply want to take a nap.


So, if you want to be enthralled by the sight and sounds of the natural world, this is the place for you. All you need is a seed of intrigue, family & friends, and (of course) tickets.