A new year. A new day. A chance to start something new, continue something to become better, or end bad habits.  

So many people start the New Year with celebrations to bring good luck for the New Year. Festive fireworks, delicate drinks, and a plethora of parties to commemorate this new beginning. So many traditions accompany the celebrations. Whether it be eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes twelve, carrying out a countdown, or reinforcing new resolutions on New Years’ Day.  

But I would like to dwell on the idea of new year resolutions. Something I am sure that we have all made, but think about it, have you always fulfilled every single one of the promises you have made each year? It has truly made me wonder if New year resolutions are seen as a real commitment or just a meaningless wish. Is there really an intention to complete what you have set as a goal?  

So many resolutions have been thought of when asked, but I don’t think that’s beneficial for anyone. Many times, resolutions are also created for show, and only become half-completed, if the said commitment becomes too tiring before it’s even started. But even if doing something you struggle with may be boring in the beginning, in my opinion, it helps you so much in the long term that I think you may as well go through with it, and then take a second to notice the huge, remarkable differences. You can improve in schoolwork, a sport, a skill, or any seemingly difficult task that you think you struggle with, that you deem as ‘impossible’. 

The New Year is such a helpful way to create and set new targets and goals to fulfill and help you to improve in anything you find necessary. Do you notice your room is always messy? Maybe keep that as a goal to become a more organized person. Do you find the need to complete everything extremely fast? Maybe try to be a little bit more patient this year and see where it takes you. It takes barely any time, and can be thought of very quickly, which allows you to immerse yourself in the beautiful celebrations around you on New Years Day, like the surplus of colors in fireworks and the taste of all the festive food

No matter how you celebrate the new year, it brings joy to many. No matter how big or small your resolution may be, it always helps in one way or another. So, tell me, what do you think your plans are going to be for this year?