Everyone loves Christmas; whether you celebrate it or not, it is a time for family and laughter around a warm fire to keep the joy even with the coldness outside.  

Those who celebrate have different ways to do so - some choose food and others choose films – although none equally match that of music and community.  

The Arts celebrate Christmas with an unprecedented passion, like that of the MX Masterclass Annual Christmas concert which raises money for charity whilst the colder months approach.  


The concert takes preparation and dedication. The students of MX Masterclass had two rehearsals prior to the day, where they worked tiresomely to produce a show ready to perform. Each rehearsal was 5 hours long and gruelling. The students were taught songs in less than 15 minutes and had to work on the songs in their own time in the week prior to the concert in order to memorise and perfect them. They learn songs such as ‘Ring Christmas Bells’ and ‘Pie Jesu’.  


The day was known as ‘Christmas with the Stars’. It was performed in the Actors Church in Covent Garden. The students were joined by West End stars, including Emma Kingston and Luke Bayer, who also sang famous Christmas songs alongside MX Masterclass. The show left the church packed, with an audience full of Christmas spirit. There was a raffle held by the Masterclass Company to raise even more money for charity. Eloise Spencer has been at MX Masterclass for 6 years and has done the concert 6 times. She said that her favourite part of the concert this year was the tech rehearsal as they “got the see the entire show come together before the show”, making her “even more excited”. 


The students made some santa-mental memories and the evening ended with a round of santa-plaus. Christmas in the Arts industry may be the biggest present of all.