Miserably taking down the cobwebs and hanging up the costume, it is too soon to explode the bomb of shimmering stars and glistening lights. So instead we stew in the last Autumn month watching time pass us by awaiting some form of measley entertainment.

November is surprisingly home to Global cake day, fast food day and pickle day ( I would have to pass on that one)! As well as beholding the birthdays of acting sensation Leonardo Dicaprio, highest paid model and reality Tv superstar Kendall Jenner AND her iconic mother Kris Jenner!

Remembrance day also occurs on the 11th of November, where we commemorate all those who have been lost in conflict. Many choose to celebrate this time with those who they care about and mourn together. However, this does not have to be such a sombre event, as many go out to celebrate in parades and festivities of which you can explore in London.

November also has Guy Fawkes day which is a day involving fantastic fireworks, and beautiful bonfires, you are sure to find yourself mesmerised. So if you are feeling down this month, gather your friends and set the sky alight!

The Hindu festival of Diwali and Sikh festival of Bandi Chhor also is celebrated though the magic of lights but has a lot more dancing involved! Don't feel shy in attending local commemorations of this event as you will be welcomed with open arms! You can also enjoy scrumptious cuisines from all over India and be spoilt rotten with sweet treats.

Overall , I hope your opinion of November, like mine, is at least slightly more positive, for November may be an alright month after all!