Recently the musical theatre group from the Bromley Youth Music Trust performed the popular musical ‘Les Misérables’ at Langley boys, an amazing show which many people had seen. 

For many rehearsals, the whole cast was working extremely hard towards putting the show together, from going over ensemble parts in the first few rehearsals, to looking at music and acting in their different parts. Of course, this included auditioning and putting together the official cast. 

A student part of the musical theatre group Katherine, who played as a Fantine, said, "BYMT has allowed me to grow as a performer whilst also being in a positive social environment. Being involved in Musical Theatre has helped me develop as an actor and an individual. I am looking forward to future shows and what skills I will gain throughout the process!"

The show was performed twice, on the 3rd and 5th of November, both looking splendid. 

Amy, who watched the performance, said, “The BYMT production of les Misérables was incredible. The acting was so passionate, and I felt totally immersed in the storyline, the singing was so strong, clear and really drew me in. The music was phenomenal, outstanding musicians and a range of instruments playing in sync as if it were the west end production. The set, costumes, and choreography really ‘hit the spot’ by each complimenting another.” 

Additionally, BYMT does not just have musical theatre groups, but different musical opportunities for all ages, from choirs, to bands, orchestras and more. All students are provided with the ability to enjoy participating in annual tours to many different places and even perform publicly, helping the youth become much more confident people. One of these performances includes the annual Autumn concert series at Langley Park on the 25th of November, where all the musical groups will have an amazing opportunity to showcase their phenomenal skills to many. 

So many people believe that becoming enriched in music is helpful in so many ways. Music can help aspire confidence, build empathy and make you happier. Nowadays, so many people listen to music on Spotify and many other apps, but imagine how amazing it would be to be the one playing the music on an instrument, or singing? I think it would feel thrilling. 

BYMT is where people do just that, on your own or with a group, whatever you feel comfortable with, so why not give it a try?