Italy. Let me guess; your mind is already reminiscing the last pepperoni pizza you consumed, the last mafia film you watched on Netflix. Although Italy is renowned for all these wondrous creations, have you ever heard of Mount Blanc or of the Italian wolf?

I’m here to give you an insight into some of the magnificent, distinctive natural beauties that exist within the friendly borders of Italy.

Ever been interested in hiking or wanted to experience something thrilling? Well, vast mountains of Italy provide you and your family an unforgettable escapade. From the monumental Mount Blanc (Mount Bianco), reaching an impressive height of 4809m, to Mount Capanne, reaching a less intimidating height of 1019m. You can find the perfect mountain, tailored specifically to your capabilities. Additionally, if hiking does not sound like the most appealing activity to you, there is also the option of skiing on the mountains. Imagine swiftly manoeuvring through the magical snow-covered trees, watching the sun rays glisten on the snow’s surface, seeing clouds gathered in fluffy clusters beneath you. There are around 300 recognised ski resorts in Italy, with 200 of them located in the scenic Alps. If you are ever feeling daring, you may want to ponder on the idea of going to the ski resort Zermatt/Breuil-Cervinia/Valtournenche – Matterhorn. This is the highest ski resort in Italy, reaching a mind-blowing height of 3899m, ensuring you an extraordinary view and experience. This spectacular resort gets an average of 2.2million visitors annually! You better be hasty with your booking.

 There is even something for those who wish to enjoy the breath-taking views with minimal energy expenditure. Italy is well known for its picturesque, alpine cable cars. This is a peaceful way of really appreciating the remarkable view of the Alps or any other mountains. It is also great for selfies to post up on your social media platforms. The spectacular Sky Way Mont Blanc, in 2015, set the record for “Europe’s highest cable car ride.” This fabulous adventure takes you from   from Pontal d'Entrèves, 1,500 meters above sea level, to Punta Helbronner ,3,466 meters above sea level. Who wouldn’t want to experience such a delightful view in such a serene location?

Not only does Italy offer you mesmerizing mountains, but also the simpler parts of nature are just as beautiful. After visiting many parts of Italy myself this summer, I was fascinated by its unique ecosystem. Very basic and long car rides were made enjoyable by the expanses of luscious, greenery that submerged the fields. The gorgeous, sky-blue water in lakes complemented the surrounding scenery, reinforcing the nature’s power in Italy. I also witnessed many native species such as the Italian wall lizard, spectacled salamander, a marsh frog and much more. All of this excited me as it was pleasure seeing a variety of creatures which I do not get the chance to observe in my daily life.


I am already planning my next trip to Italy… I hope to see you there!