Following the recent closure of the local Morrisons and the remaining supermarkets removing their in-store deli counters, Faversham residents are increasingly limited to purchasing pre-packaged deli products. Then in steps Nicky, a keen foodie who recently opened East Street Deli on an impulse when she spotted the gap in the market. Located at 3 East Street, Nicky’s deli provides a wide selection of fresh, high-quality deli products including sandwiches, cheeses and coffees.

I was delighted to be able to speak to Nicky about her new business venture, and her aspiration for the deli is to be “a place where people come in and they feel good the minute they walk through the door”. She believes that it should be more than just a deli, but rather a sociable shop where you can stop for a chat and a coffee in a feel-good environment.

After visiting delis and food shops all over the country, Nicky gained inspiration on what types of produce to sell in her shop and the results are an amazing assortment of high-quality products. But Nicky isn’t the only person who determines what sits on the shelves - customers do too! The business is customer-led, with suggestions taken on board and finding their way onto the shelves.

At a time when people are counting their pennies and becoming more cautious about their spending, this new deli provides customer-tailored portions whether you’re looking to buy a few slices of cold meats for school lunches or a selection of local cheeses for a dinner party. This pop-in style of shopping allows people to spend money more economically on items they specifically need rather than bulk buying pre-packaged items from a supermarket. Buying from local businesses like this is not only easier on the wallet but also promotes eating fresh, organic produce, steering people away from highly processed ready-made products. It also encourages everyone to try something new and unique that catches their attention.

During my visit to the deli, I was also pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of plastic-free cutlery and all fresh produce being sold in paper bags. Using local shops that put emphasis on recycling and reducing waste allows everyone to do their part in being more environmentally friendly and leading the way to a sustainable future.

So next time you’re in Faversham, pop into East Street Deli for a snack and a chat with Nicky and her friendly team!