I ate at a stylish, luxury Italian restaurant in central London and spent just as long looking at the interiors as I did deciding what I wanted to eat.

Piazza Italiana is located in the beautiful setting of the former British Linen Bank on Threadneedle Street, just five minutes away from Liverpool Street Station.

The business offers guests a fine dining Italian menu created by Sicilian-born chef Remo Mazzucato, inspired by authentic Italian dishes.

News Shopper: Piazza Italiana Piazza Italiana (Image: Emily Davison)

The restaurant first opened in 2019 and the setting is simply beautiful. It has still retained so many of its original features, being a Grade II listed building.

The restaurant also features two cocktail bars, with a menu of cocktails ranging from classics to a wide selection of Bellinis and Negronis.

Naturally, they had a very good selection of Negronis on offer, and our servers were happy to give us recommendations based on our preferences.

I ended up choosing a Negroni mixed with Prosecco to start with, being a Prosecco lover, and it was very good, tasting sharp and slightly on the tangy side.

We were first offered a selection of breads and dipping sauces as well as olives to try. The breads came with an assortment of sauces and oils, and there were some really delicious ones including a tomato dip and one made with a creamy mushroom sauce.

For starters we tried the Arancini Al Tartufo, a truffle-based arancini with a mozzarella cheese centre and mushroom sauce.

News Shopper: The restaurant is set in a Grade II listed buildingThe restaurant is set in a Grade II listed building (Image: Emily Davison)

We also tried the Vitello Tonnato, a slow-roasted veal made with creamy tuna sauce, capers and cherry tomatoes.

Both were equally good, but the star was the Arancini for me, as it had the most creamy, indulgent sauce and it just melted in my mouth as I ate it.

For mains I decided to go down the carb-centric route and went for the Linguine All’Astice, a lobster linguini made with crab meat, tomato shellfish sauce and cherry tomatoes.

I really loved the flavours in this. You could taste the seafood, but the rich tomato flavour almost put me in mind of a classic pasta Pomodoro.

I went for the half lobster, and it was the most stress-free lobster eating experience I’ve had in recent times, compared with trips to the seaside where I’ve spent as much time trying to open the crustacean as I did eating it.

The flavours were really good. The meat was very tender and, paired with the glass of white wine I was recommended to go with it, felt like eating a real little piece of luxury.

For dessert, I opted for the Semifredo Al Cioccolato Alla Nocciola E Latte, although I struggled to pronounce the name to our friendly server so embarrassingly I called it “the chocolate one.”

This dessert was a chocolate and hazelnut semifredo, a frozen dessert similar to an ice cream made with a strawberry sorbet.

News Shopper: Desserts at Piazza Italiana Desserts at Piazza Italiana (Image: Emily Davison)

I would describe it as having the texture of a choc ice, but with so much rich and indulgent flavour.

The outside was a hard and rich chocolate shell, with a softer hazelnut chocolate frozen dessert, and it went so well against the strawberry sorbet.

My plus one got the Limone Potrebbe, a lemon posset made with raspberry and lemon thyme compote and served with a freshly made lavender shortbread.

This dessert was equally delicious and if I ever went again I would probably have this one, the shortbread was so soft and crumbly and just melted in the mouth.

News Shopper: The restaurant also has two bars serving a range of drinksThe restaurant also has two bars serving a range of drinks (Image: Emily Davison)

We were also given some “obligatory” Limoncello to try, which we only managed to have about half of from our glasses. As I’m sure anyone who has tried Limoncello will attest to, it really packs a proverbial punch.

The food was delicious, there was such a relaxed and welcoming vibe, and the setting was stylish and sophisticated.

All in all, I think this is a place you have to visit if you love Italian food and fine dining, or enjoy dining in historic places that hold some of London’s history.